If Steve Jobs Vacuums, He Probably Uses Electrolux's IPod Cleaner (Even If It Is A Concept)

We're big fans of Electrolux's concepts, which include vacuum shoes, a flatshare fridge and waterless washing machine. Thanks to Electrolux's brilliant robot cleaner I haven't vacuumed properly for a year now, but could be cajoled into using this iPod-packing model.

This 'Silence Amplified' concept follows the UltraSilencer model which is on sale now, but I think we all know which model we'd spring for. With an inbuilt iPod dock and integrated speakers, Electrolux claims:

"One of the results is that vacuuming to music gets the job done faster, with less stress, and it can even result in some more calories burned."

Sure, we'll take what exercise we can get, especially if it picks up all that cat hair from the tiles. [Electrolux]

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