HTC 2010 Product Roadmap Features Legends, Salsa, Some Buzz

The folks at Android and Me have what is purportedly the product roadmap for HTC going in to the new year. The five phones are divided into three product catergories: Design/Lifestyle, Performance and Social. Let's dive in, shall we?

In design/Lifestyle there's the Legend and the Salsa, due out in March and June 2010, respectively.

Then there's the Performance line, populated by the Bravo and its 3.7-in. OLED capacitive touchscreen.

The Social scene is comprised of the Tide and the Buzz, due out in April and May 2010.

I think they're social because they come with Twitter and Facebook onboard, which is what passes for being social with a mobile phone these days. I kid. The Buzz is the first image up top.

In the spirit of giving and respect for a scoop, hit up Android and me for the full specs for each phone detailed here. [Android and Me]

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