How To Get Free Inflight Wi-Fi This Christmas

How To Get Free Inflight Wi-Fi This Christmas

Holiday travel can be a tiresome experience. If you want to relax with a little Wi-Fi on the plane, has compiled a list of the codes you can use to get free internet access during your holiday excursions.

Yesterday we showed you the inflight Wi-Fi cheat sheet, and according to the chart there are really only four airlines where you even have a chance of finding the internet: Delta, AirTran, American Airlines and Virgin America. The first three require a code to get free Wi-Fi, but Virgin America doesn’t.

According to FlyerTalk and, these are the codes you’ll need to use on Delta, AirTran or AA. All expire on December 31:
American Airlines: AATRYGOGO

If those don’t work for whatever reason, FlyerTalk and also reference these three codes. They should be valid until January 7:
• 2287548427snk
• 2472564126dvu
• 2285632980tlk

If you’re flying Virgin America, you don’t have to do anything. Google partnered up with the airline to provide free Wi-Fi throughout the holidays until January 15.

Those are your best bets. Hopefully free Wi-Fi will make your holiday travels a little more tolerable. [My Money Blog, Virgin America]