How To Deal With Email Misfires

Email misfire sounds like a traumatic bedroom incident, but it's something that's happened to most of us at some point. The important part is to minimize embarrassment. Just look at how something on our mailing list was handled.

Once upon a time, one of our own accidentally sent a silly note to the entire mailing list:

You're wearing the bikni [sic]briefs tonight right?

Yikes. Precisely one minute later, another email came to everyone:

Sorry guys that was just for [REDACTED]

See how simple that was? That short follow up left barely any room for jokes or teasing and the entire issue was played down. The important bit to remember is that you can choose to pretend that you never sent an email like that to the wrong person, but by owning up to the error you'll minimise the fallout. It's basically saying "So what? I like my men in frilly pink briefs. You got a problem with that?"

Anyway, if you're more concerned about being the recipient of misaddressed notes than sending them, then Gadgetwise's Jenna Wortham can explain when you should bother replying and when you should just let it slide. (Hint: You can ignore the emails coming from Nigerian princes.)

Now, please make us all feel better by sharing stories of your own awkward email exchanges. [Gadgetwise]

Photo by sunshinecity

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