Holy Crap We’ve Bought A Lot Of New TVs Recently

 src=So every TV manufacturer and their dog released some kind of special bonus offer with a TV purchase in the lead up to Christmas. But what’s truly amazing is that both Sony and Panasonic have had to adjust their bonus offer due to the huge response.

Sony, who were offering 25,000 bonus PS3s, had to add an extra 10,000 due to high demand. But even that wasn’t enough – they’re now offering a BDPS360 Blu-ray player and three music Blu-ray discs for TV purchases up to December 31.

Panasonic, on the other hand, were offering 12,000 Blu-ray home theatre kits, 12,000 DVD recorders and 12,000 Tough Lumix cameras. The response was so large for the Blu-ray and DVD bonuses they had to add an extra 4,000 of each, which have since been snapped up. Consequently, they’re now offering your choice of either a tough Lumix camera or a Wii pack, which includes a Wii Console with Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii (with the wheel controller) and a copy of the Avatar Wii game.

Now, if I try and remember some of my 4-unit maths from high school, that means that between just Panasonic and Sony, Australians have purchased over 68,000 new televisions in the past couple of months. Add in the fact that Samsung, LG, and Sharp all have similar offers running at the moment, and even if they only sold half the amount of Sony or Panasonic each, that’s still well over 100,000 new TVs being set up in Aussie homes.

If you bought a new TV recently, which did you go for? Did the bonus offer sway your purchasing decision?