Headless Luke Wilson Continues The Great AT&T/Verizon Ad War Of 2009

To be bigger but slower, or speedy yet spotty? This is the ridiculous question indirectly posed to us today by AT&T spokesman Luke Wilson. Here's my question: When do these commercials go away?

I mean, wasn't the original Verizon ad that started this off about the size of the 3G network? Now AT&T is countering with speed, which is great and all, so long as you don't live in any major U.S. cities like San Francisco, where those speeds are available, occasionally, like a fleeting wind (this according to the Gizmodo guys who live there, particularly Blam).

But a headless Luke Wilson is hi-larious, right? Enough to get consumers to vote with their hearts and not use their heads though? Not a chance. I'm siding with the Misfit Toys on this one.

It's an opinion. It could be off the mark. Let me know in the comments where you fall in this great big objectivity-free ad war between cell phone carriers. [Youtube via CNET]

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