H20 Audio's Waterproof iPod Nano Case Is Built For Surfers

The iPod Nano's camera isn't the greatest, but now I see its virtue: With this waterproof case, it's a perfect surfing companion. Why let someone else capture your painful aquatic bails when you can do it yourself?

The H20 Audio Capture Case is specifically designed for the current-gen iPod Nano, allowing full use of the video camera up to 3.6m underwater. Seems pretty cool - you can listen to the latest NPR Planet Money podcast while you catch some waves (that's what surfers like, right?) and then when you fall, you can take a video of the pretty fish while you grope your way to the surface. They'll be available next week for $US80, which is fairly reasonable, but they don't include waterproof headphones - you'll have to buy those separately.

Oh, and that guy up there? That's Laird Hamilton, friend of Gizmodo and expert surfblogger. [H20]

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