Give Your Ordinary Home An Opulent Sink With This LED Tap

You don't spend three months of the year circumnavigating the globe on your houseboat. You don't have a closet full of designer loafers. You're not married to a supermodel. So what: your sink has a mini-waterfall LED tap.

My favourite part of being in fancy restaurants and small European countries - you know, places where rich people hang out - is checking out the bathrooms. There's always some decadent touch that makes them cooler than the same-old I'm used to using back home. But with this LED tap, available for $US65 at ShopKami, you can bring a touch of that luxury to any old sink.

The easy-to-install, single-handle tap uses a glass panel lit by a coloured LED to convey water, allowing it to cascade gently into your sink while you massage a passionfruit clean or wash your hands with an organic mint soap. See? Your life's already improving. [Coolest Gadgets]

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