Get Into The Most Luxurious Airbus A380 In The Planet

Mary Kirby is one lucky, spoiled Runway Girl: She gets to fly all around the world in the best seats of the best planes. However, she has never experienced anything as amazing as her trip in Emirates' Airbus A380.

Not only the first class is actually a super-first class with seats bigger than my apartment, but the Airbus A380 is so huge that Emirates' business class actually feels like the first class from the rest of the airlines. I have to admit that, despite all that horrible gold and rose wood naffness, I'm impressed. [FlightGlobal]


    I've been on all the A380's and the Emirates A380 is best by far. the interior is amazing, especially when you compare it to Qantas' drab grey decour. Plus it has broke down the least of all the A380s, that is comforting to know at 30,000 feet

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