Get A Free iTunes Episode Of Doctor Who On The Age's Website

Despite a deep-seeded loathing of Fairfax's tendency to play video ads with sound every time you change pages on one of their sites, I have to admit I'm a fan of this Apple advertorial offer. You can get a free download from iTunes every day from today until Boxing Day. Today's offer is an episode of Doctor Who.

Aside from the fact that the link actually downloads a different episode from the one advertised on the advertorial page, this is a great deal, especially for Who fans, which is predominantly made up of you guys. Go nuts.

[The Age]


    Can we start a mass petition to Fairfax to stop those irritating sound ads? I've already complained but that didn't cause them to change their website - and I thought they cared...

    Hi Nick

    Sort of does, sort of doesn't ... Links to Voyage of the damned which is correct, however the picture isn't ...

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