Foxconn Preparing Next Generation IPhone 4

Today's tenuous iPhone 4 rumour comes to us today from Russia, Twitter, and the letters F-O-X-C-O-N-N.

The editor of Mobile Review, often a great source of all things leaky in the world of phones, is claiming Foxconn has just received an order for the next generation of iPhones. Foxconn, as you know, makes the iPhone for Apple, and if they've just received word from Cupertino to start readying the latest batch of iPhones, you can bet your last dollar we'll be seeing the iPhone 4 next June.

The tweet, from editor Eldar Murtazin:

"Foxconn received order for next generation iphone"

As if you didn't already know the iPhone 4 was on its way. [Twitter via UberGizmo]

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