Eight Examples Why Alcohol And Gadgets Don't Mix

Like me, you will probably unwind over the holidays and have a few drinks at a party with friends (or alone while crying in the dark). Just keep these tragic stories about mixing gadgets and booze in mind.

Last year Whitehall, NY resident Leslie J. "Bomber" Marr was arrested and charged with felony DWI and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle for driving a Cruzin' Cooler while intoxicated. Who could have seen that coming? [Gizmodo]

18-year-old James N. P. Miller, of Cincinnati passed into ironic infamy this past Halloween when he was busted for DWI while wearing a breathalyser costume. [Gizmodo]

Big Brother is always watching, and if you happen to be ridiculously drunk while you stumble into a convenience store, chances are the video of the incident is going to spread across the internet like wildfire.

Take note: your ability to evade the police in your car diminishes greatly when you are intoxicated. Case in point, the 18-year-old girl in Jackson, Michigan that was chased down and busted by a cop on a Segway. [Gizmodo]

Like I said earlier, Big Brother is always watching. And there isn't a better candidate for the role of Big Brother than Google. If you happen to be an Australian man passed out drunk on your lawn, the StreetView car will be waiting, ready to pounce. [Gizmodo]

Excessive drinking impairs judgement and can result in mood swings. Take 22-year-old David Robinson for example. Last month he was charged in Perth, Scotland with breaching the peace after he threatened passersby and challenged a lamp post to a fight. [STV]

Be careful where you pass out. Crawling into an industrial garbage bin is not recommended, as Brighton UK resident Scott Williams found out one fateful July morning when the contents of the bin were crushed by a garbage truck. [Gizmodo]

Be careful of who you pass out around. Not only did 19-year-old Huang Chen wake up with a hangover and a severe case of butt remote, he also learned that his friends are dicks. [Gizmodo]

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