EBeam Whiteboard Delivers Notes To Kindle, For The Kid Who Forgot His Glasses

In elementary school, I was that kid who always had to sit up front when I forgot my glasses. Think of all the time I could have spent goofing off! If only I had those notes delivered to my Kindle...

Luidia's eBeam whiteboard has been around for a while, the one that takes a snapshot of the notes on the board and saves them as an image. Now those images can be transmitted directly to a Kindle.

At first I thought this was a pairing of two cool but inessential technologies resulting in something that's, well, cool but inessential. But now I think it's kind of neat. In the future, instead of actually watching someone give a presentation, the audience will be staring at their Kindles and tablets the whole time.

Imagine the consequences. Teachers, bosses, parole officers, no one would never be able to tell if you were paying attention to the notes or goofing off on the internet. Not by reading Gizmodo, of course. We would never condone such behaviour. [Press Release via Ubergizmo]

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