doubleTwist Now Supports Nexus One, Adds Amazon MP3 Store

PC owners in the US now have access to doubleTwist's Amazon-linked music store, and all doubleTwist users will have support for the most talked about phone of the moment. Not a bad day's worth of updates!

The doubleTwist-Amazon venture has been available for Macs for about a week, and looks like it will deploy the same easy-to-use interface on Windows. It will also have the same all-important advantages over the iTunes Goliath: lower prices and the ability to sync your music to any of your PMPs.

The Nexus One support is a little baffling, since the phone doesn't officially exist yet, but we'll take doubleTwist founder DVD Jon's word for it.

Windows release notes:


* Integrated Amazon MP3 music store. Currently only users with a US credit card can purchase from the store. * You can now re-import your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists (in the Preferences dialog). * Support for the Nexus One Android phone.

Mac release notes:


* Support for playlist sync. * There's now an option in the music store to "Keep me signed in". * You can now link doubleTwist to your Twitter and Facebook accounts (in the Preferences) and optionally broadcast your music purchases to your friends. * Fixed an issue with the music store not loading on older Mac OS X 10.5 versions (e.g. 10.5.5). * Support for the Nexus One Android phone.

[doubleTwist release notes for Mac and Windows]

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