Cowon Preparing V5 HD PMP With 720p Video Playback

Unless you've been sucked into the iBubble, you'll probably know by now that Cowon makes some pretty terrific PMPs, like the S9. Its latest model, the V5 HD, has just been outed and promises 720p viewing on its 4.8-inch screen.

It's not just video playback which gets a look-in with the V5, as Cowon's also included an RSS reader, Flash games and a T-DMB TV tuner if you want to spring extra moolah for it. It runs Windows CE 6.0, and has up to 32GB of storage (albeit via the SD card slot, internal flash memory is just 8GB.)

The touchscreen TFT LCD has 800x480 pixels, with the overall measurements listed as 128mm x 82mm x 15.7mm. Most impressively, the battery life is quoted as 45 hours for audio, though there's just 10 hours for video. A HDMI output will let you hook it up to your telly, which is one advantage over the S9.

It'll cost 299,000 KRW (about $288) when it goes on sale in South Korea on January 1, but expect it in other markets soon after, in black, pink, white and silver colourways. [TheDarkSide via Anything But iPod]

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