Controlling Your iPhone With A Wiimote Is Now Possible

I can't ever see a potential situation rising that would inspire me to jailbreak my iPhone in order to pair it with a Wiimote over Bluetooth in order to play retro games with mame4iPhone. But it does open the door for pairing a jailbroken iPhone to a Dualshock 3 controller, which would be awesome.

The guys over at ZodTTD, creators of mame4iphone, created the demo in the clip above. They're still tweaking it, and working on pairing the phone with a PS3 controller as well. Once they've improved performance, they'll update their site with more detailed instructions on how you too can enjoy Wiimote action on your iPhone. In the meantime, enjoy the incredible possibilities that this hack opens up for iPhone gaming...

[ZodTTD via TouchMyApps]

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