Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-congee Gboard Is The Colourful Gmail Keyboard For Shortcuts You Need Now This could be useful!

Steve Jobs Helped Negroponte With The OLPC Laptop Probably could have helped a little bit more, really.

Netbooks: What You Need To Know About The Next 6 Months Hopefully they’ll be getting better.

If A Bing Falls In The Middle Of The Forest… Bing! Bing!

Space Butterflies Stop Flying Lazy insects…

I’m So Passé That I Don’t Know 95% Of These Social Networking Sites Does anybody?

BBC Life: Venus Flytrap Grows In Time Lapse, Devours In Macro Yummy!

Giz Explains: The Ultimate HDTV Cheat Sheet Most of you will know most of this. Still, you should probably bookmark it just in case.