Ballerina Sweetspot: A Chair Designed Specifically For Audiophiles

There is just something about chairs. Just look around the office—they are not just places to sit anymore. Chairs have become super-engineered status symbols. Now audiophiles can have their own high-tech throne.

The Ballerina Sweetspot is designed to be the ultimate music lover's chair. It features a thin headrest to accommodate headphones and prevent the reflection of sound, memory foam to cushion the body, hollow armrests to neatly hold controls and an aluminium frame that supposedly reduces sonic vibration.

I highly doubt that a chair like this will enhance the listening experience enough to justify the $US8000 price tag, but, again, people have a thing about chairs. And audiophiles, like CEOs, are probably willing to pay for the best of the best. [Klutz Design via AV Guide via Audio Junkies via Unplggd]

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