Australia: Where Old Gadgets Come To Die Be Sold Online

I remember when the Zune was first released in the US. I was excited by the prospect of a big name company being able to offer a competitor to Apple's iPod. I called Microsoft repeatedly in the hopes of getting some word on an Australian release, but they were a stone of silence, impassive in their refusal to even comment on the possibility. For years this went on - some retailers decided to import the device themselves - until eventually I gave up hope. And now, just as I've come to terms with Microsoft's rejection, Deals Direct has started selling the Zune to Aussies online. But it's a sham.

Not only are the Zune's for sale the old model (not the shiny new Zune HD), but it's not even new – it's a refurbished model.

Normally I don't have a problem with refurbished gadgets – it's actually a pretty good way of saving some coin - but to sell a refurbished version of an old device that never saw an official release in Australia? Not to mention the price - $150 may sound like a bargain for a 30GB MP3 player, but compared to the iPod Classic, you get more than five times the storage for just over double the price.

I'll be passing on this. I'd suggest you do the same.

[Deals Direct - Thanks Dave!]

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