AT&T CEO Admits AT&T Sucks, Implies It's Gonna Cost More For People Who Actually Use Their Phones

If an iPhone app designed solely to report crappy coverage doesn't say it loudly enough, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega admitted today that AT&T sucks in NY and SF, saying they're "performing at levels below our standards."

But! It's "going to get fixed." He promises. (As AT&T has for over a year.) Besides, part of it's in your head—AT&T says they have a national dropped call rate of 1.32 percent (though it's, um, higher in NY on some phones, according to some people).

Disconcertingly, he made reference to AT&T's favourite stat, that 3 percent of smartphone customers push 40 percent of data, and that they're looking at incentives—as the WSJ put it—that'll get those people to cut back, "in a way that's consistent with net-neutrality and FCC regulations." These FCC regulations. Meaning pay-per-byte data.

But you know what? If I could get data 100 percent of the time, sure, I'll pay more for it, Ralphie. [WSJ

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