Apple Still Thinking About Wiimote-Like Magic Wand Controller

Seems like Apple is not giving up on alternative control methods: They have just updated their March Wiimote-like controller patent. I wish they fixed Apple TV instead, so it could play any media, and not only iTunes-branded stuff.

A remote wand for controlling the operations of a media system is provided. The wand may be operative to control the movement of a cursor displayed on screen by the position and orientation at which the wand is held. As the user moves the wand, the on-screen cursor may move. The user may use the wand to control a plurality of operations and applications that may be available from the media system, including for example zoom operations, a keyboard application, an image application, an illustration application, and a media application.

Actually, if I were Apple, I will forget about wands and licence Microsoft Natal to integrate it in all their computers, especially the iMac. [MacRumors]

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