4iThumbs: iPhone Gets Another Physical Keyboard Idea

Still wish the iPhone had a physical letter keys like Blackberries or WinMo phones? First there was that butt-ugly iTwinge keyboard holster, now there's 4iThumbs: a clear plastic overlay with nubs located over the on screen keyboard.

On the upside, the stick-on screen covers only cost $US15 (portrait), $US17 (landscape), or $US20 for both. Problem is, you're supposed to peel them off and stick 'em on the back when you want to continue using the iPhone's touchscreen. That's not only a pain in the arse, but I'm sure the adhesive won't last too long, either.

Maybe 4iThumbs might interest those who type novel-length emails and texts, or those who really suck at the touchscreen keyboard. What do you think? [4iThumbs via Engadget]

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