£1bn Royal Navy Destroyer Still Unarmed After A Year Of Setbacks

The UK's investing over £1bn on each Type 45 destroyer in the Royal Navy, but the first ship in the fleet, HMS Daring, is still floating idly in the sea, unarmed like an albatross around the UK's neck.

Test firings have been a "setback" according to the Ministry of Defence, resulting in the destroyer still not being stocked to its teeth with weaponry like intended. Apparently all it's packing is a 4.5-inch Kryten gun turret and two 30mm cannons, a disappointing feat for a ship that's meant to recognise and shoot enemy ships in under a second. Even low-orbit satellites aren't safe from the Sea Viper technology...if it ever gets working, which isn't looking like it'll happen anytime soon. [The Register]

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