10 Strange Gadget Situations Caught On Camera

It's Friday. You've got the weekend and, chances are, a short week coming up. Life is good. Let's celebrate by kicking back and enjoying some gadget hilarity.

World's Greatest iPhone: The image of the iPhone above is obviously a shop, but YouTube, Weather and Safari still have me laughing months later. [igmur via Gizmodo]

Beta Version of BigDog Quadrupled Robot: Needless to say, the beta version of Boston Dynamics' BigDog was rather primitive. You have Peter Furia, David Fine and Beau Lewis of Seedwell Marketing to thank for this hilarious spoof. [Gizmodo]

Road Sign Hacking: It's illegal to hack a road sign, but the control boxes are rarely protected. Unfortunately, that makes pranking easy, which will lead people to ignore warnings when there is an actual zombie outbreak. [Gizmodo]

What Happens When You Bring a 22-Year Old Mac to a Genius Bar? Our own Adam Frucci finds out.

Squirrel Photo Crasher: Surely you recall seeing this image when it hit big a few months back. Many thought it was a fake, but it turns out that all the couple needed to score their 15 minutes was a Gorillapod, a camera and some luck. [Gizmodo]

HSN Wiimote Mishap: There have been plenty of videos of Wiimote-related incidents over the years, but it's even funnier when it happens on live television. [Kotaku]

Fart Machine Grinds Government to a Halt: A kid brings down city council meeting with mechanical farts. Amusing, but I bet this could be a serious weapon in a fillibuster. [Gizmodo]

Gold Medal BSOD: The dreaded Blue Screen of Death can strike anywhere - even at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. [Gizmodo]

Office Camouflage: I'm not sure what the hell they are saying, but the funny still gets across. [Gizmodo]

Forklift Catastrophe: It's only funny now because no one got hurt, but damn. Destroying $US250,000 worth of vodka with a little fender bender is a sign that you need to update the shelving system in the warehouse. [Gizmodo]

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