Your Wii Is Not Fancy Enough For This Horgan Becket Media Cart

Traditional media cabinets may work well enough in the sense that it holds your TV on top and your TiVos and HTPCs and game consoles on the bottom, but do they emit the air of luxury that Horgan Becket's does?

HB's Media Cart is hand-crafted to your specifications, so don't be deterred by the fact that the sample shots only seem to have enough space for a TV, a TiVo and either a subwoofer or an HTPC. For the $US12,000 price tag, I'm sure Horgan Becket will be glad to craft you a unit that can house all three consoles, a FyreTV, a router and Nyko's Wii Party Station—if Nyko actually put that into production instead of canning it. [Horgan Becket via Home Entertainment Magazine via Born Rich]

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