With SoundRacer, Your Kia Can Fake It With The Best Of Them

Poseurs rejoice, your faux V8 and V10 engine sounds are here.

Our eyes sufficiently rolled, we can continue. The video is a demo of SoundRacer, which promises to sync up with your car's actual RPMs and engine sounds and mask them — via your speakers — with the engine sounds of real V8 and V10-powered vehicles.

Sure, it's the tinfoil-wrapped cucumber in the jeans of the auto-tuning community, but I'll be damned if I wasn't slightly impressed with the SoundRacer demo. It almost had a video game quality to it, and tricked me a bit into thinking the car was going a bit faster than it actually was.

It could very well be doctored or enhanced, sure, but the buy-in is $US40. I may bite. [SoundRacer via OhGizmo]

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