Week In Review—The Second Coming Of Android

Week In Review—The Second Coming Of Android

Think of this week’s round of announcements as Android’s débutante ball. She’s gone from a lovable ragamuffin to a mature OS that’s ready for the spotlight. With Android 2.0, Motorola Droid and Google Maps Navigation, she stole our hearts.

Google Maps Navigation
Google Navigator for Android Review: Good For Free But Far From Perfect
Google Maps Navigation: A Free, Ass-Kicking, Turn-by-Turn Mobile App

Motorola Droid First Hands On: It’s a Terminator
A Visual Guide to Android 2.0: So Much Nicer
No Android Version of HTC HD2 After All?
GSM Motorola Droid Caught on Video
How Motorola Stopped Sucking
Droid Eris Doesn’t Look Too Shabby for a Cheapo Android Phone
HTC Droid Eris Might Be the Cheapest Android Phone at $US99
HTC Hero Among First To Get Android 2.0 Update

$1000 1080p Projector Battlemodo: Optoma HD20 vs Vivitek H1080FD
BlackBerry Storm 2 Review: Improving, But Still Mostly Cloudy
Corsair Flash Voyager 128GB USB Drive: As Big and Fast As a Small Fish
Canon S90 Review: It’ll Never Leave My Pocket (Except When I’m Taking Pictures)
Samsung Moment Review: The ED-209 of Android Phones

The Copy/Paste Twins Saga
I Want to Have Twins Just to Get Them These Awesome T-Shirts
Twin Apple Fangirls Pwn Twin PC Clones

The Rest:
12 Things You Need To Know About Apple TV 3.0
High Res Video of Ares I-X Launch
Apple Tablet Will Restore Comic Books To Former Glory
Build The Spirit Radio That Creeped Out Tesla Himself
Behold, the BlackBerry* Watch: $US150, Coming in February