Virgin’s Velocity Frequent Flyer Program Is All Class

Virgin’s Velocity Frequent Flyer Program Is All Class

Velocity stuffupLast Friday, I was minding my own business when an email from Virgin’s frequent flyer program, Velocity, landed in my inbox. I’d been upgraded to Gold status because I was so close to making the grade. “Kinda weird” I thought to myself, considering I haven’t flown Virgin for over 12 months, “but a free upgrade is a free upgrade”. Except it wasn’t, as the follow up email I got four hours later was so quick to point out.

Oops! Due to an error you’ve received our previous email by mistake. Please disregard the free upgrade communication as unfortunately you do not qualify for that upgrade.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Warm regards,

The Velocity Team

From all accounts, it seems they sent the upgrade email to a pretty big chunk of their Velocity membership.

Considering I very rarely fly Virgin, I’m unsure whether or not I should be bemused or outraged at the mixup. Anyone want to suggest an emotion for me this morning?