Virgin Mobile Launches Rollover Post-Paid Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile Launches Rollover Post-Paid Phone Plans

rollover_cap_exampleAt the end of each month, do you know what happens to all those unused minutes of talk and text in your phone contract. They DIE! Dead! Gone forever into the ether, with nothing to remember them by. Unless you’re on one of Virgin’s new rollover plans, which rolls over any unused talk and text to the following month. Then you get an extra 30 days to say a proper goodbye…

The post-paid plans only rollover for the month after they are due to expire, so you can’t stockpile a heap of minutes and then spend a week on the phone to your Nanna in Brazil. The rolled over minutes are also only used if you happen to exceed that months quota, meaning that you should hopefully always have enough time for talking and texting.

There are rollover options for data as wellThe plans don’t actually let you roll over your data allowance, although they do include international calls and texting. And if you’re an iPhone user, there are a couple of dedicated rollover plans for you.

Check out Virgin’s site for a complete run down on the different plans.

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