Vertical Bed Includes Sunglasses So That You Look Awake

It vaguely reminds me of someone painting eyeballs onto their eyelids to pretend to be awake, but I kinda want a Vertical Bed. It's intended to help you catch a few extra zzZZZs on your daily commute while looking dorky.

Basically the bed fully supports all of your body weight by attaching to subway ventilation grating. And to prove that it works, some poor guy got assigned to the task of taking 40-minute naps in the middle of New York. Since he didn't fall over or get mugged, this could be considered a successful trial.

The Vertical Bed comes complete with noise-cancelling headphones, opaque sunglasses, a free standing umbrella and the whole thing fits into a suitcase. No idea when we'll be able to buy one, but I'll be wishing I already had it while waiting in line. [Substitute Materials via Design Launches]

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