US District 9 Blu-ray Will Have God Of War 3 Demo On The Same Disc

US <em>District 9</em> Blu-ray Will Have <em>God Of War 3</em> Demo On The Same Disc

District9 GoWOne of the best films of 2009, District 9, is coming to Blu-ray, and if you happen to pick up the US version (and your PS3 is US as well), you’ll get the added bonus of being able to play a demo of the upcoming game God of War 3 for PS3.

The demo will be the first time that a game and movie have shipped on the same Blu-ray disc, although my box set copy of the original Star Wars trilogy has a demo of Battlefront for the original Xbox on it.

As a bonus on the disc, this is pretty sweet, so long as you use your PS3 as your Blu-ray player. Of course, it almost certainly won’t be available for Australia, so this post is more of a tease than anything else. And on the upside, you’ll probably be able to download the God of War demo anyway by the time the movie is released.

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