TV Calibration: The Easy Route

TV Calibration: The Easy Route

Last year we ran a simple guide to TV calibration, and THX is still a good way to make your new TV easier on the eyes. Here are updates on getting the Optimiser disc and glasses:

THX says that any THX-certified DVD will have the Optimizer in the bonus features, but when there are multiple editions of a movie, it can be frustrating to figure out. (It’s also annoying that THX doesn’t appear to have updated the list in over two years.) We do know that the Skynet edition Blu-ray of Terminator 2 has it, so it might be worth grabbing.

The Optimiser blue-filter glasses—highly recommended—are $US2, and are sold by THX right here, but these do not come with the disc. More instructions and details on the Optimizer system here.

Anyway, on to the guide—if you have any fresh pointers to share about it, or want to talk about other cheap, good methods of calibration, do it here in the comments below.

Shout out to John Mahoney for putting together the original guide.