Toyota's Tacoma ATG: Gull Wings, Four LCDs, Xbox 360s

Jalopnik is all over this week's SEMA car show in Vegas where Toyota and Microsoft are parading their crazy Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer concept. Four Xbox 360 Elites hooked up to four swing-out 24-inch Samsung LCDs? Check. Energy drink dispenser? You betcha.

Spectators can also watch the action via a 60-inch Sharp LCD that's mounted to the back of the truck.

"We've taken the idea of what would it be like to take an off-road vehicle and still be able to play your favourite video games in remote locations," said David Williams, a Toyota marketing planner.

Totally silly, but props for going completely over the top. The licence plate holder even says "My other car is a Warthog". Lots more pics and info at: [Jalopnik and PickupTrucks]

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