Time Magazine’s Best And Worst Inventions Of 2009

<em>Time</em> Magazine’s Best And Worst Inventions Of 2009

Sure, I could go into how NASA’s Ares Rockets and Project Natal ranked high amongst Time’s top 50 inventions, but when it comes to end-of-year lists, I get a kick out of what’s deemed the worst. A drum roll please…

No ridiculous TwitterPeek in their worst five, but it’d sure be on mine. What would be on yours? Check out Time’s great walk-through of its 50 top inventions at: [TIME]

Time’s Five Worst Inventions:
1. Draconian electronic “Smile Checks” for Japanese railway workers who get alerted if they’re not perky enough.
2. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Coming soon as a graphic novel, apparently.
3. Snuggies for Dogs. Screw that, how about all Snuggies in general.
4. The Gas-Mask Bra. It’s real and one of the award-winning inventions from this year’s quirky Ig Novel Awards.
5. Computers being used in the UK to automatically mark student’s essays. Yeah that one sucked.