This Woman Will Make Our Walls Breathe

This Woman Will Make Our Walls Breathe

Every single day we oooh and aahhh over the latest design concepts, but right now, let’s focus on one of the minds behind such designs and smile in awe of her motivations and inspirations. Meet MIT designer, Neri Oxman.

Oxman went through medical school, but abandoned that career path for a “mishmash of design, architecture, art, and computer programming”.

She works out of MIT’s media lab and strives to bring about her vision of the future which consists of all objects living, breathing and adapting as we interact with them. She imagines organic architecture designs, nanotube walls which change size, chairs that change shape as you sit, DNA-encoded clothing that grows with you. She explains that studying how human bones adjust, getting thicker when a woman is pregnant or thinner when individuals are in outer space, inspired that vision of hers.


As with many other designs that we see, Oxman’s are stunning in their intricate plays with textures and materials, but to me the dreamy vision that pushes her to create them adds so much more to the way I view her works. I expect them to draw breath. Maybe we should start taking closer looks at the minds behind the eye-candy we so enjoy. Are there any objects, maybe even gadgets, that truly made you want to know how they were inspired? [Materialecology Blog via Materialecology via Esquire]