This Week's Gaming Stories You Cannot Miss

Look, it's the box art from Star Trek Online! Also read on for the latest infotainment regarding Diablo III, a Diablo clone, the Avatar game and, of course, Modern Warfare 2.

Rumour: Layoffs Hit Krome Studios Aussie game developers are not having a good year.

Let's All Play Modern Warfare 2 Wanna play against fellow Aussies? Here's how.

Vote For Australia's First Golden Joystick Have your say by voting for your favourite game and retailer.

Harada: "Fighting Games Aren't Really Tailored To Online Play" That horrible online lag in Tekken 6? Mr Tekken knows all about it.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review: Go Buy A Wii Nintendo justifies the time it took to finally kick this one out.

Star Trek Online Preview: Ignoring Regulation Btw, Jason Chen and I are also very actively begging our way into a press beta. Wish us luck.

LEGO Rock Band Review: Redefining The Rock Block Spoiler: It's like every other Rock Band title, but with LEGO.

Avatar: The Navi Side Of The Story Which will lose more money, the movie or the game?

StarCraft II Expansions, Diablo III Coming in "Next Few Years" Just like I predicted, Diablo III won't be here until 2011... at the earliest. Being right can suck.

Modern Warfare 2 Sells Nearly Five Million Copies In A Day That's a launch of over $US300 million in revenue.

Borderlands Sequel A "No-Brainer" My siren is level 28. Frucci's hunter is like level bajillion.

Oh...and as a little bonus, the worst lines in the history of video games:

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