The World's Most Efficient Electric Car Is Destined To Fail

According to Gordon Murray — the ex-McLaren's Formula 1 designer responsible for the T.27 car — one day we all will be driving one of these vehicles. And wearing clown costumes. I don't care that it's the most efficient car. It won't work.

The T.27 is designed to be driven in the city. Since it's ultra-light, Murray says it will be the most efficient car in its class, which probably sits somewhere between golf carts and failed European mini cars from the '60s. The most innovative aspect is that it's made using a process called iStream: Instead of stamping metal sheets like in normal car factories, this manufacturing method welds metal sheets together.

That results in factories that are one-fifth the size of traditional ones, less energy consumption and a car that looks like crap. And that, my friends, is the problem with the T.27: If something looks like crap people won't buy it no matter how green and efficient it is.

Update: And yes, it looks like crap even with the fibre covers. People want real cars that feel solid. Not glorified golf carts painted in bright colours. [Daily Mail]

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