The Internet Weighs About 1,098,868,920,000 Pounds

The Internet Weighs About 1,098,868,920,000 Pounds

How did Crave UK ever come up with that number? Multiplication and addition, of course.

570,937,778 computers are online, with the average weight of 88 pounds (40kg), with monitors, printers and any other peripherals. Ehhh… I’m still a bit sceptical of that number, given the popularity of laptops, but let’s keep coming because this is fun!

There are an additional 175,480,931 servers, and about 100 million Blackberries/iPhone/iPod touches to worry about. Plus, there’s a 2840m transatlantic cable connecting one half of the digital world to the other (it in itself weighs 191,802,168 pounds) to account for.

Anyway, the final number they come up with is 1,098,868,920,000 pounds (or just over a trillion pounds, for those too lazy to count commas).

To put that number in better perspective, it’s about the same weight as 25,000 cloned Sears/Willis Towers. [Crave UK and image]