The Future Of Bluetooth Headsets Is Custom Noise Cancellation

At yesterday's Jawbone launch, there was a very interesting conversation at the end of the session around the future of Bluetooth headsets. The representative from Aliph (who make the Jawbone) said that in the future, they are hoping to have the ability to customise the noise cancellation to exactly the situation you are in, right in the device itself.

The example they gave was for people who happen to drive Porsches. What they foresee as the future of the technology is that a Porsche driver will be able to go to a dedicated portal and download the noise cancellation frequencies for his model of porsche. That way, whenever he (or she) is driving along, roof down on their fancy-pants car and Bluetooth headset sticking from their ear, the device will be able to almost pre-cancel out the car's engine.

It's an interesting idea, even if it's one that will probably take a while to implement and has lots of question marks surrounding it. What do you think?

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