The Future Of Apple, According To Its Biggest Fans

The Future Of Apple, According To Its Biggest Fans

Also known as the entire technology press amirite? Ha? In all seriousness though — Maclife asked various bloggers, journalist and tech personalities what their dream Apple products would be and mocked them all up in detailed renders. Here’s what happened:

Veronica Belmont, of Tekzilla/Mahalo/BOL fame/general video on the internet fame, sees Apple finally going ahead with that Courier concept Microsoft keeps dragging their feet on. Or Apple subsumes Microsoft entirely. What do you know, Belmont?

BoingBoing’s/MAKE’s Mark Frauenfelder goes as DIY-y as is humanly possible and projects a future in which Apple is just a bunch of dudes with Arduinos and a pair of pliers. You see, we’ll just buy Apple’s designs, and your iMake object printer will print them out.

Brian Lam, Man With Hat, just wants his iPhone to get reception in San Francisco, for once. Hence, bunny hears.

There are a couple more, and they’re all in the same whimsical, not-quite-serious vein. Check them out at: [Maclife]