The Four Gaming PCs Worth Lusting After

The Four Gaming PCs Worth Lusting After

We asked Maximum PC editor-in-chief Will Smith to name the best gaming PCs in four categories: monster laptop, value laptop, over-the-top desktop and “cheap” desktop. Though that last one is still a bankbuster, his picks are hot as hell.

Desktop Replacement Notebook: iBuypower M865TU

You want a speedy desktop replacement notebook wrapped in an unassuming, businesslike shell? That’s precisely what the iBuypower M865TU delivers, courtesy of an 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo Mobile and a GeForce GTX 260M under the hood. Like the classic mullet, this speed machine lets you work all day then party all night, for a mere $US2000. [Review]

Inexpensive Gaming Laptop: Asus G51Vx-RX05

If all you wanna do is have some fun, the G51Vx-RX05 gives you all of the raw gaming performance of the M865TU – it sports the same GeForce GTX 260M GPU – but instead of a spendy 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo, the Asus economizes at 2GHz. While the G51Vx’s dual-core is down two cores and about a gigahertz from the iBuypower machine, when it comes to games, the big videocard is all that matters. [Review]

Over-the-Top Crazy-Awesome Desktop: Velocity Micro Gamer’s Edge DualX

What do you get when you put a Core i7 CPU overclocked beyond 4GHz, three GeForce GTX 285 GPUs in tri-SLI, four lightning-fast Intel solid-state drives running in RAID 0, and a shiny new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate in one case? Enough computing power to make your Xbox 360 piss itself and run screaming for mummy. This machine doesn’t just demolish benchmarks, it rapes and pillages them, leaving nothing behind but a smoking crater and a host of lesser machines. The downside? It costs $US9000. [Review]

“Cheap” Crazy-Awesome Desktop: Falcon Northwest Talon

From one of the original boutique PC manufacturer’s comes the Talon. Packing 90 per cent of the raw performance of Velocity Micro’s $US9000 wonder for a mere $US4000, the Talon’s watchwords are “extreme” and “efficiency”. With a new Lynnfield Core i5 CPU and a pair of ATI’s hot-off-the-presses Radeon 5970, this rig uses all four GPUs and all four CPU cores to deliver kick-arse performance. [Review]

Will Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of Maximum PC, not the famous actor/rapper. His work has appeared in many publications, including Maximum PC, Wired, Mac|Life and T3, and on the web at Maximum PC and Ars Technica. He’s the author of The Maximum PC Guide to Building a Dream PC.