The Enhanced Human, SkyMall Style

The Enhanced Human, SkyMall Style

I am ashamed of two things. 1) That in our quest for the cyborg life, we were beaten to the punch by SkyMall, and 2) that none of the following products are fake.

Let’s just get this first one out of the way: Not only does the Head Spa Massager look like someone in the 1970s designed it in a future-Sparta fashion, but it’s a massage helmet. You look ridiculous, and it can’t even secretly double as a sexual aid.[imgclear]

Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier

Digital Camera Swim Mask

Posturetek Biofeedback System

SnorePro Snore Relief Device

Body Figure Enhancing Pads

Gravity Defyers

Brightfeet Lighted Slippers

This week, Gizmodo is exploring the enhanced human future in a segment we call This Cyborg Life. It’s about what happens when we treat our body less as a sacred object and more as what it is: Nature’s ultimate machine.