The Boxee Set-Top Box: It's Coming

Boxee's fantastic media centre software has always been just that: fantastic connected media player software. Today, the company says its going to announce hardware — a Boxee Box, even.

Boxee's post on the box has nothing in the way of details yet, so I'm just going to have to take a WILD guess at what this thing will look like: It'll be a box, with an Ion chipset, a medium-sized HDD, HDMI-out and a Boxee sticker. Just a theory!

We'll get to see the box — assuming it's not just this Boxee-compatible Myka number we saw a few days ago — come December 7, when it gets the full unveiling treatment. Also interesting, though probably a little aspirational:

* make it easy for users to consume and find content – no matter what the source * give content owners, aggregators, and developers the tools to create unique experiences with a variety of business models * enable CE companies to enhance their Connected devices

This will be the first connected device running Boxee, but the idea is to provide consumers with a way to get Boxee in their living rooms, no matter whether it's on a Connected TV, game console, set-top box, BluRay player, computer, etc.

Multiple Boxee Boxes! Boxee Boxen! [Boxee]

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