The Best Of Samsung’s Young Design Awards 2009

The Best Of Samsung’s Young Design Awards 2009

Like many of the design competitions in recent memory, the theme of Samsung’s Young Design Award for 2009 centred around energy conservation and sustainability in the home. These gadgets were voted best of the bunch.

Gold Winner: PAD (small domestic helpers) are “digital pets” that monitor heat, air quality and the welfare of plants in the home.[imgclear]

Silver Winner: ‘Stand Off’ turns off appliances remotely using Bluetooth technology.[imgclear]

Bronze Award: ‘Re-Siker’ is a recycling station that automatically sorts, bags and tags recyclable items and provides information about the items to the user.[imgclear]

The ‘Intelligent Organiser’ conserves energy by preventing “line over-charging”.[imgclear]

The ‘Recycle’ Bike translates movement into energy for the home.[imgclear]

The ‘E-Plant’ keeps track of energy consumption in the home.[imgclear]

‘Light’ provides “luminescent and fluorescent illumination without the use of electricity”.[imgclear]

The ‘Self Control’ meter is like a thermostat that provides information on energy consumption.[imgclear]

DNA is a semi-portable unit that generates electricity from the sun and wind.