The ATI Dual-GPU Radeon HD 5970 Is Posing

ATI's six-monitor-driving dual-GPU Radeon HD 5970 was caught posing on a table this weekend, as new and upcoming gadgets are wont to do. And before you ask, yes, it is still a huge honkin' piece of kit.

At more than a foot long, this card requires eight- and six-pin power connectors and a equally huge rig to live in. Seriously, the folks at Alienbabel Tech said they had issues fitting this card into a full size Antec 1200 chassis. Luckily, the card they had was apparently an engineering prototype, and may shrink down slightly for retail.

When we brought you word of this card in September, pricing and release date were unknown, and that hasn't changed today. Just some additional pictures for you PC gamers to drool over as you fantasize about that six 30-inch monitor setup. [Alienbabel Tech via PC Perspective via Engadget]

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