Terrifyingly Toxic Fast Food Photos

You may be excellent photographers, but some of you have atrocious (OK, delicious) taste in food. Here are winners of this week's Shooting Challenge: Fast Food.

First Place

Eight Big Macs. Two SB-800 speedlights and on-camera flash (Nikon CLS kicks arse) Nikon D80 I think at 1/125 f/5.6. Fast enough to shoot hand-held before it would tip over. The Macs are skewered with two wooden kebab skewers to a piece of plasticine (unfortunately visible). Some Photoshop curves and black-and-white mixing. -Zach Slootsky

Second Place

The Coburg Cafe's monster burger. Regular sized burger on top for size reference; 0.5kg hamburger, ham, bacon, Swiss & American, on an 8-inch bun with all the fixins' -Trask Blueribbon [Ed note: Remember to tell us your camera/settings!]

Third Place

This photo was taken at my son's school cafeteria. We had lunch together. It was abysmal. Jello was good though. I snapped this photo with my Verizon HTC Touch. Basic settings. My technique was to hold back the vomit before I barfed on my phone. -Robbie Amburgey

Thanks for the entries, and look for a more classic Shooting Challenge topic next week — something more along the lines of photography for photography's sake. (Not that I don't love watching you poison yourselves in the name of art.)

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