Terrifyingly Toxic Fast Food Photos

Terrifyingly Toxic Fast Food Photos

You may be excellent photographers, but some of you have atrocious (OK, delicious) taste in food. Here are winners of this week’s Shooting Challenge: Fast Food.

First Place

Second Place

The Coburg Cafe’s monster burger. Regular sized burger on top for size reference; 0.5kg hamburger, ham, bacon, Swiss & American, on an 8-inch bun with all the fixins’ -Trask Blueribbon [Ed note: Remember to tell us your camera/settings!]

Third Place

This photo was taken at my son’s school cafeteria. We had lunch together. It was abysmal. Jello was good though. I snapped this photo with my Verizon HTC Touch. Basic settings. My technique was to hold back the vomit before I barfed on my phone. -Robbie Amburgey

Thanks for the entries, and look for a more classic Shooting Challenge topic next week — something more along the lines of photography for photography’s sake. (Not that I don’t love watching you poison yourselves in the name of art.)