Telstra Overhauls Their Broadband Plans (For The Better)

Telstra Overhauls Their Broadband Plans (For The Better)

hell-frozen-overEveryone here knows that Telstra’s broadband pricing was a bit like going to a nice restaurant and expecting a nice meal, only to be tied up, beaten and robbed by the waitstaff. But that all changed today, with the Big T overhauling their broadband plans.

The entry level plan has jumped from the laughable 200MB to 2GB for $30 a month on a 24 month contract, while there’s also a 12GB plan for $60 over 24 months. Of course those prices are only valid if you pair them with a Telstra home phone line on a single bill.

There are also a couple of new high-volume plans, namely 100GB for $120 a month and 200GB for $170 a month (with discounts for bundling home phone plans).

While they probably still aren’t the best valuefor money plans on the planet, they’re a huge improvement. They’ll be available from December 1.