Soothing Gifts For Geeks Who Need To Relax

Soothing Gifts For Geeks Who Need To Relax

Life is stressful! If the person you’re shopping for is anxious all the time, you might as well help them out with a gift that will let them chill out, if but for a little while.

Sound Isolating Headphones: The first step to relaxing is cutting yourself off from the irritating, irritating world around you. The Shure SE115m+ earbuds are a great choice for iPhone-owners, as they pair quality sound isolation with a mic and three-button remote. $US120 [Shure SE115m+ via Gizmodo] [imgclear]

The Buddha Machine: If your giftee needs something to listen to to relax with those sound-isolating headphones, try the Buddha Machine. It’s a little box that contains a bunch of blissful ambient sound loops. Simply turn the dial to pick your loop and listen via the built-in speaker or through headphones. Bonus: It’s cheap. $US23 [Buddha Machine] [imgclear]

Flower for PS3: While many violent video games can up your stress level instead of taking it down, Flower is the opposite. In this “game”, you control a flower flying over peaceful meadows in the breeze. That’s it! No violence, no guns, no heavy metal. Just a flower and a breeze. $US10 [Kotaku] [imgclear]

Fondue Maker:$US45Amazon

SurfShelf Treadmill Laptop Stand:$US40; treadmill sold separately

A Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience: There’s no better way to melt away the stress of the world than cutting yourself off from said world as much as humanly possible. With a sensory deprivation tank, they’ll be able to relax while floating on salt water, completely protected from all the stressful sights and sounds of the world we’re stuck existing in. About $US100 for 90 minutes [Sensory Deprivation Directory] [imgclear]

Volcano Vaporizer: Want to relax? I’ll get you f’n’ relaxed. Twenty minutes with this bad boy, the pinnacle of paraphernalia, and you won’t even be able to remember what was stressing you out. $540 [Volcano Vaporizer; Review; Alternative Uses] [imgclear]

Don’t Get: Wall Street Journal Subscription:$US119Wall Street Journal