Sony's Updated Flagship XBR Series HDTVs Leaked?

Leaked screen grabs appear to reveal several hot prototype HDTVs that Sony is considering for 2010/2011. If they're legit, updates to Sony's top-end XBR series could include the XBR11 (white LED-backlit), XBR12 (local dimming LED), plus a brand-new OLED TV. Update: Total BS.

The updated XBR series would scale up to 60 inches and feature 240Hz Motionflow, W-LED-backlighting, a new Bravia Engine 3 Pro with HD video processor and UV2A panel technology. HDTVLounge also believes the shot above may well be a glimpse of the 32-inch XBR11's new floating glass design.

As for the OLED TV, it's just one of several models that are on the proposed list: • KDL-S6100 | Entry CCFL • KDL-V6100 | Mind Range CCFL • KDL-W6100 | Mid Range CCFL • KDL-Z6100 | High Range CCFL • KDL-X500 | Mid Range Edge-Lit LED LCD • KDL-650 | High Range Edge-Lit LED LCD • KDL-XBR11 | High Range W-LED Backlit LCD • KDL-XBR12 | High Range Advanced LED RGB Backlit LCD • KDL-ZX Series OLED

Fingers crossed we see some of these at CES in January. [HDTV Lounge]

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