Sony Giving Away Guitar Hero 5 With MU.TE.KI Purchases

Sony Giving Away <em>Guitar Hero 5</em> With MU.TE.KI Purchases

Muteki GH5 promoIf you’ve been eyeballing Sony’s massive MU.TE.KI surround sound system, now’s as good a time as any to pick it up… Until December 31, they’ll throw in a Guitar Hero 5 guitar pack for the console of your choice via redemption.

While it’s not the biggest value add-on we’ve ever seen, I imagine there’d be something pretty special about playing along to Muse’s Plug In Baby at full volume through these monsters.

You’ll need to pay $25 for shipping and handling, but otherwise the game is free. Check out Sony’s MU.TE.KI page for all the details…